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The Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles Show is a showcase of Antique and Vintage Clothing, fine Antique and Costume Jewellery and Antique and Vintage Linen, Lace and Textiles and Small Collectables.

There will be many exhibitors selling clothing, jewellery, accessories, linen, lace and collectables. The show will also feature a presentation of vintage fashions, lectures by Guest Speakers, Swing Dancers, Demonstration of Vintage Makeup and Hairstyle Techniques and other fabulous entertainment.

There will be lots of prizes to be given away for Best Dressed in Vintage, so make sure you come dressed in your favourite vintage outfit.
Lucky Door Prizes will be given away every day and there will also be a raffle conducted.

Canteen facilities will be available so come and make a day of it. 

Whether you are a collector, a designer or just in love with anything vintage then this is the show for you.
Exhibitors will be showing and selling clothing from the turn-of-the-century to the 1970s. You will find fabulous beaded Flapper Dresses, 1930s Hollywood Glamour Gowns, sumptuous 1950s Evening Dresses, and of course crazy clothing from the psychedelic 60s. 

For the jewellery enthusiast there will be exhibitors selling exquisite antique and costume jewellery. Find something for your next special occasion, or even a wedding.
Have you been looking for that special handbag or hat? You can't beat vintage accessories for their quality and uniqueness. Find a pair of evening gloves or a beaded bag for that next event. You will be guaranteed to turn heads. 

If you are a Linen and Lace lover then come and have a look at the lovely antique tablecloths, baby clothes, piano shawls and bedspreads. There will be lots of interesting collectibles such as perfume bottles, old magazines and posters and sewing patterns. Find a special gift or early Christmas present, or something to be treasured and handed down.

I pick up a vintage dress and my mind is immediately filled with thoughts
and images of the girl who may have once worn it. I imagine her with jet 
black hair, pale skin and hazel eyes, she is in the arms of a handsome 
man as they dance the night away. She has no mobile phone, no computer, 
she does not juggle children and work, her life is set in simpler times.
.................. those bygone days.
With a sigh I draw my thoughts and gaze back to the dress in my hands. 
I marvel at its beauty, the fine silk material, the delicate hand stitching, 
the cut and drape of the fabric. I am continually stunned by the beauty 
of vintage and antique clothing and the quality and workmanship that 
went into the garments creation. I have never been touched by 
a modern day piece of clothing the way a vintage piece touches me.
Am I crazy? I ask myself. No, I am just passionate.
When you wear vintage clothing you feel different,
and because you wear vintage clothing you are different. 

Janel Morrissey 

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