The Second "Vintage. Fashion Stories" Fair

November 2008

6 - 9 November 2008
1, Tishinskaya Square

The «EXPODIUM» exhibition company continues the «Vintage. The history of fashion» art project. The successful debut in May 2008 defined the frequency of the exhibition. Since now it will be held each November and May.

At the exhibition one will have an opportunity to purchase uniquely-preserved fashion items of XIX – XX centuries. The leading collectors of vintage and antique garments and accessories will take part in the project, as well as the leading collectors of arts and crafts pieces.

By tradition, non-profit exhibition projects will present a kaleidoscope of fashion histories from various times, countries and cultures.

The Special Projects of the «Vintage.The History of Fashion» Exhibition

«The Yves Saint Laurent Street» – garments, accessories, perfume – all the aspects of Yves Saint Laurent art from Franco Jacassi’s collection will be presented by Victoria Tuchinskaya. 

«Invitation to a Ball» – ball dresses, menus from supper-parties at the balls of XVIII-XIX centuries from Vladimir Butusov’s collection; invitations to balls of XVIII-XIX centuries from Grigory Pyatov’s collection. 

«Ladys’ Topcoat. The Early ХХ Century» – from the collection of the gallery owner Marina Loshak. 

«The Vintage» – the sequel of the photo-project of Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya. Portrays of celebrities in vintage garments. 

«Twelve Hats of Lyubov Orlova» from Igor Ter-Ovanesyan’s collection will be presented by the «Babushka» gallery. 

«The Russian Legends. The Wives of the Great Military Commanders» – dresses and accessories, which belonged to the wives of marshals and heroes of the Soviet Union А.I. Eremenko, V.I. Chuikov, V.I. Kazakov, I.S. Konev, R.Ya. Malinovsky will be presented by the Fund of the «Military Commanders of the Victory». 

«The Wardrobe of a Star» – a project of the «Imena» magazine. 

«The Umbrellas and Small Umbrellas of XIX-XX centuries». 

Within the framework of the «Vintage. The History of Fashion» art project a Vintage Garments and Accessories Auction will take place. Among the lots will be the balloon dress by Christian Dior Couture, 1956; a rhodoid dress by Paco Rabanne, 60s; a vinyl dress by Ungaro, 1968; a mini dress with embroidery in bugles by Emilio Pucci, 60s; Yves Saint Laurent, 70s; Courragges – 60s and many others from Franco Jacassi’s collection.

1, Tishinskaya Square, t
he «Т-Module» Exhibition Center, 
Tel. +7 (495) 254-1572 

The «Expodium» exhibition company, 
Tel. +7 (925) 585-7274, 

The exhibition will be open on 6 – 9 November 2008: from 12.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m. 

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