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There are endless options when it comes to buying vintage online, so to make your shopping a little easier, here are some great places to start your online vintage buying.

Of course you can buy just about anything on eBay and that includes tons of cool vintage pieces. You can shop experienced sellers with stores or average joes to find the perfect vintage piece.

Etsy is similar to eBay in that it allows anyone to sell their wares online in a way that’s reliable and easy to search. Etsy, however, is not auction based and the clothes are available until they are sold. There are also many talented re-designers on Etsy that make vintage piece new again and update them to current trends. 

Nasty Gal Vintage
Über cool vintage site with an awesome design and photography. It is a relatively new site, so inventory is limited, but the great styling ideas make up for the lack of wares. A section that sells new clothes to go with your vintage is in the works. 

The Frock
Unbelievable high end, vintage, and celebrity worn vintage pieces that most of us mere mortals could never afford are available at The Frock. But if you're lucky enough to have the cash, or if you dare to dream, this is the website for you.

Parish is a well designed and affordable website that offers a good selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and house wares.

Vintage Textile
Many rare and unique antique and vintage pieces. Great for collectors. 

Listit Vintage Cafe
Listit boasts a wide variety of vintage clothing with a range of price points. The site is well organized and easy to search by decade. 

Penelopepup's Vintage Clothing
Penelopepup's will put you at ease with its abundant pictures of each item for sale. Prices are very affordable and clothing is arranged by size instead of decade. 

Hatfeahters Vintage
You may go here for the fun vintage pieces and affordable prices, but you'll keep coming back for the cool old photographs which the website features. 

Vintage Vixen
Gigantic selection, search by size, and very affordable designer vintage pieces by YSL, Lanvin, Diane von Furstenbeg and more!

Posh Girl Vintage
Fantastic aray unique vintage evening and prom dresses from every decade

Damn Good Vintage
Clothes and patterns fron 1900-80s

Monster Vintage
Huge selection of men's and women's vintage at awesome prices

Vintage Swank
With over 15,000 vintage items, you're bound to find what you're looking for. Includes children's clothes, patterns, housewares and more!

1918 Vintage
Specializing in deadstock vintage clothing and accessories

By Ashley Kane

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